Event Admission and Tickets Policy

1) In these Terms & Conditions (the “Conditions);

(a) “Event” means CyberSonic Transmissions, the event for which You have purchased (in the case of event tickets being available to sell) or reserve a ticket (if the event is a FREE entry activity);

(b) “the Promoter”, “we”, “us” and “our” means ind! projections and any associated promoter(s) of the Event;

(c) “you” and “your” means you as the ticket holder.

2) Your purchase and/or reserve of a valid ticket and entry into the Event constitutes your acceptance of all of the Terms & Conditions laid out below.

3) You must be 18 or over to attend the Event.

If you are under 18 years old and would like to take part in the event you must complete the NSPCC Parents Consent Form available

@ cybersonic-transmissions.net. Only 16 years old and above are permitted

4) It is important that you read and take note of the full policy below.

No pass-outs, No re-entry, No refunds (subject to clause 5)

5) For the purposes of these Conditions:

a) ‘major cancellation’ is the cancellation of the Event in full (and not rescheduled).

If the Event is cancelled, you will be offered a full refund after costs, meaning, a proportionate partial refund;

b) ‘material alteration’ is a change (other than a rescheduling) which, in the Promoter’s opinion, makes the Event materially different

to the Event that ticket holders, taken generally, could reasonably expect.

In particular, please note that the following are not deemed to be ‘material alterations’:

- changes to the line-up of the Event;

- changes to individual members of an act;

- curtailment of the Event where the majority of the Event is performed in full;

- delays to starting the performance of an Event;

6) When available for purchases, tickets refund are only considered on major cancellation, substantial alteration or by special exception

determined by the Promoter in its sole discretion.

7) If a major cancellation occurs, you must claim your refund within the time frame set out in the announcement made by the Promoter,

- notifying you of the re-scheduled date or that an event has been materially changed.

If the Event is cancelled, you must claim your refund within the timeframe set out by the Promoter.

8) When tickets are sold - a minimum of the proportionate amount of the face value of the ticket will be refunded.

We are unable to refund administration costs.

9) Personal arrangements including, but not limited to, travel, subsistence and accommodation relating to the Event

which have been arranged by you are at your own risk and the Promoter shall not be liable for any losses incurred from personal arrangements

or wasted expenditure beyond the ticket refund.

10) The Promoter is unable to accept liability for personal or property damages,

losses (including surrendered items), or injuries sustained at the Event.

Any personal property brought to the Event is at your own risk.

11) Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the full, advertised performances take place, the Promoter reserves the right to change

the published performance scheduled and/or running times without notification.

This includes, but is not limited to, artists and performance sets.

Tickets are for the evening Event and not for a specific artist.

12) Tickets are personal, revocable licenses and shall at all times remain our property and subject to these Conditions.

The Promoter reserves the right to refuse admission, regarding to the Event Safeguarding Policies

13) The Promoter has granted Civil Authorities (the Police); on request and/or when required, the right to refuse ticket holder admission to the Venue.

Please see our Event Safeguarding Policy

14) Upon receipt of your ticket, whether reserved or purchased please check it carefully as mistakes cannot always be rectified.

15) All customers with the event evening tickets must exchange their ticket for a wristband on first entry at the event Venue entrance exchange.

Tickets are number and registered upon acquisition and it is associated with your ID and is strictly non-transferable.

The tickets shall be invalid if, transferred or resold.

Ticket holders will have their ticket scanned on entry and your photo ID verified to match your registration details to gain access to the event.

We will be operating a strict Safeguarding Policy at the event Venue entrance.

- If you can’t provide valid ID identification when asked, your ticket will be confiscated or your wristband rights of access denied

and you will not be allowed access to the event and Venue entrance.

- The only acceptable forms of ID are:

- An in-date photographic driver’s license or provisional license.

- A valid passport (not a photocopy). Out of date passports will NOT be accepted.

- An In date Armed Forces Photo ID Card.

- A national photo identity card issued by country of origin (other than the United Kingdom).

16) All ticket holders are responsible for their ticket until it is scanned on entry.

17) The Promoter will not issue duplicate tickets for lost or stolen tickets.

Keep your ticket safe.

18) If you have obtained your ticket in breach of these Conditions and/or if you breach any of these Conditions,

then your ticket shall be void, and all rights conferred on you or evidenced by such ticket shall be void.

If you seek to gain entry to the Event using a void ticket then we reserve the right to refuse you entry and to evict you from the Event

and you may be liable to legal action for trespass.

Void tickets are non-refundable.

19) Tickets acquired from unauthorized sources may be rendered invalid and your admission refused.

20) The event ticket format is digital.

Tickets digital format must be valid, presented in full, and scanned at the event entrance.

Your ticket and registration details must match our event data registration upon acquisition.

CyberSonic Transmissions event data must match your ID at the event Venue entrance.

21) It is prohibited to resell tickets for the Event except where resold using the official resale platform of the official ticket agent you purchased

your ticket from, in accordance with the relevant ticket agent’s resale terms and conditions, if any.

22) Tickets cannot be used as part of any marketing, media or sales promotion, whether commercial or non-commercial,

without the prior written consent of the Promoter.

23) Strictly no illegal substances or objects.

Any person suspected of carrying illegal items or carrying out illegal activity may be handed over to the Police,

refused entry and evicted from the Venue without a refund.

24) You will be body/bag searched at the Venue entrance by security. Search is a condition of entry and presence at the Event.

25) The Promoter shall be entitled to confiscate any other items which the Promoter considers may be used as weapons,

or are otherwise deemed by the Promoter to be dangerous or inappropriate.

There is no facility in the Venue to store and/or retrieve any confiscated items and these will all be disposed of following the Event.

We accept no liability or responsibility for any such confiscated items.

Please see also ind! projections CyberSonic Transmissions event design activity Safeguarding Policy.

26) We may prosecute you if you cause damage to the Venue, the Venue infrastructure, or cause harm to any other person at the Event and/or Venue..

27) No unauthorized filming or sound recording.

Any unauthorized recordings may be confiscated by the Promoter.

28) Strictly no trading allowed on site without the Promoter’s consent.

29) No animals, and/or pets are permitted in the Venue.

30) If you are Cybersonic Transmissions Ticket holder, the wristband you are issued will be in operation which must be worn at all times

for the duration of the Event.

31) The Venue has a dedicated performance area.

32) All bags taken into the Event venue must be A4 in size or smaller.

Any bags bigger than A4 will be not authorized entry and shall be confiscated.

33) No re-admission to the Venue is allowed during Event opening times.

34) The Promoter shall be entitled to evict from the Event without refund, if it applies, anyone resisting confiscation of disallowed items

or who is otherwise in breach of these Conditions as to behaving in a manner which is likely to affect the safety or enjoyment of themselves

or other individuals at the Event.

35) The event management team reserve the right to implement any restrictions and/or conditions deemed necessary before and during the Event

to ensure the safe management of the event and the venue.

Please see also ind! projections - CyberSonic Transmissions event design activity Safeguarding Policy.

Cybersonic Transmissions event design activity ticket holders must at all times comply with any and all instructions given to them

by Cybersonic Transmissions event management team.

36) Please note that by entering the event you give your express consent to being photographed/filmed or sound recorded

as part of the audience, and to your name, voice and/or likeness being included within any film, photograph,

audio or audio visual recording of the Event to be exploited in any and all media for any purpose at any time throughout the world.

This may include filming by the police or security staff for the security of attendees at the Event or towards the prevention of crime, if it is necessary.

37) Nothing in these Conditions shall exclude any liability of the Promoter for death or personal injury caused by negligence,

or for any other type of liability that cannot by law be excluded or limited.

38) These Conditions are governed by English law and any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Conditions shall be subject

to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


- Prior to the venue size and limited capacity, the disabled facilities available at the Venue will not be available for the public.

Unfortunately, after careful thought, the event Promoter decided that is not possible to offer disable access to the event.

- Strobe lighting and smoke effects may be used at the Event.

- Cloakroom facilities are available at the event Venue.

- Selling of food, beverages and drink are available in the event Venue.

- Official merchandise of the event will be on sale online and at Venue Point of Sale.

- Please respect the local area and enter and leave the Venue as quietly as possible.

- Please keep the venue surrounds and streets tidy and clean, by using litter bins provided.

- Alcohol will not be permitted into the Venue Live space.

- Drivers enter car parks at their own risk, we do not accept any liability for break-ins, damage and/or theft.

- Smoking is not permitted in enclosed public areas or buildings Venues.

This includes e-cigarettes and/or vaping.

Dress as you please and dress with attitude!

CyberSonic Transmissions is a fashion free event design activity and has no dress code policy.

Enjoy ind! projections - CyberSonic Transmissions event design activity,

it was designed specially for you.